Seek Him

If you are seeking to know God, to find God, to grab ahold of His Love, seek Him in His word and don’t give up. For one day as you are seeking to grab ahold of His Word, His Word will grab hold of you. And He will never let you go.

Child of God

Child of God Why are you hiding? Why do you hide your beautiful face? Can’t you hear those chains breaking? Fear is not my children’s rightful place. Remember who I said you are. Remember to Whom you belong. Look up and straighten your crown. Don’t worry. I will help you be strong. Look back just…Read more »


BE STILL Be still and know. Be still and trust. Be still, God is in control. Be still, you are His. Be still, because you are His, so are the things you are trying to carry and figure out. Be still, He’s got it all figured out, so you dont need to try to. Be…Read more »

Not Your Story

The moment everything changed, I jumped off the shelf and took back control from others, over myself you don’t define me, that’s not your job or place and I ripped off the mask that they forced on my face I will no longer play your victim,  though I learned my role well You aren’t the…Read more »