Who Controls You?

Breaking The Power Of Familiar Spirits

3 thoughts on “Who Controls You?

  1. I was in B&N the other day and I believe I saw this book. If it wasn’t this book then it was another book with a very similar title. I believe in signs. I believe God gives us signs everyday but most people don’t notice them because they’re not looking for them. Anyway, I believe I’m being directed back to that bookstore to pick up that book. I realize I’m using way too many words just to say that I will soon go to the bookstore to pick up that book I saw on familiar spirits.
    I am enjoying your posts. Keep it up. God bless.

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    1. I think sometimes the Lord can direct us toward something, then it comes up again as confirmation. So hey, if this prompted you to go back and check out a book then I’d definately do that.
      But in the mean time, this link is from the Bible App you can dowbload for free and get free study plans in almost any topic you can think of. This one is a short 3 day study plan. You could actually complete it in probably less than 20 minutes in one sitting.
      Real short and to the point study plans. I love that app!

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