I’m not gonna lie at all. There’s no way that I can do this on my own. I had no understanding of these things, much less any knowledge of how to break free and heal.

I’ve suffered a lot of physical/mental damage over the years that has really left it hard for me to comprehend things as I should, and also has interfered with my ability to retain new information. I have severe cognitive impairment. This has also left me without the ability to write properly. Therefore, please know this ahead of time, and try not to judge me on my grammatical errors in my writing process.

This isn’t about that anyway. This blog is something that came to me before I had any real understanding of what I had lived through. I knew the Lord rescued me from some pretty serious things that I had no knowledge of. I’m still learning about it.

I probably won’t speak much on those things, nor on the things that caused all the neurological damage. Unless, of course, the Lord opens a path for me to do so in a spirit of peace, or leads me to do so.
I’m still on this journey of understanding it all and recovering and healing from it.

I had pretty serious PTSD that was going un-diagnosed. I had to live through some things to even understand any of it. After those things served their purpose, the Lord got me out and showed me some ways to get through this and recover.

I believe that our own blessings are to be shared with others. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are comforted to comfort others.
Also, I knew before I even knew what had happened, that this wasn’t about me at all. I mean, it was and it wasn’t. The Lord wanted healing for me, but also allowed me to go through this to help others.

I have lived through some pretty crazy, supernatural, and amazing experiences. I watched the Lord lead me when I had no control over anything at all.
I even started this blog with no understanding of why. It has been a real process for me. Of the Lord only revealing things in stages before I had understanding, so that I would know that it was from Him, and that it was His hand guiding all of this.

Even the name for this blog, had come to me after I had already chosen a different name and was sure of it. I loved the name I had chosen. But this name came to me and just left me puzzled.

I wanted it to be more fictional. I wanted to use fantasy story writing to release some hard things I had lived through and the name was perfect.
But this name came to me. I felt like it just blocked me. It insisted itself and I didn’t even know what it was about. It seemed too serious. But I knew that name came from somewhere other than me. So it really peaked my interest. I decided to go with it. I left this blog mostly untouched since. Mainly because I knew this was going to end up serving some other purpose than what I had in mind. I just waited until I knew what that was.

The Lord tells us “Lean not on thy own understanding. Trust the Lord with all thy heart and He will direct our steps.”
So since I felt the name had a purpose, this must be His purpose and I’ll wait for Him.

I went about life and waited. My first post, I can look back at now was on July 4th, Independence Day. The day I felt free to finally dance. That is so crazy to me.

I had a blog. I had a name for the blog. But I had yet, to understand it’s purpose. I was still trying to even comprehend what I had lived through.
During this time, I gained some insight into some related issues. I’ve tried to comfort others with my words that I could tell were suffering from unhealthy relationships. But I felt so helpless. I could feel their pain.

I’ve had a friend continue to come to me, looking for answers after she saw the Lord had rescued me from all of this. But I just feel like there’s no collective place to get the answers that help. There are so many helpful things out there, but none of it really shows you how to break free and heal.

So, I just want to use this blog to write about the things I feel the Lord has shown me through all of this that I believe will help someone else out there looking for answers.

Also, I’d like to put here the links of information that I feel I was led to for answers.

I’m still on the journey, myself. But I know the Lord is in control. So I just want to let Him lead the way and share whatever helps me, that may help you, too.

May God Bless You on your journey of breaking those “Ties That Bind” and heal you and fill you with renewed Hope in Him and guide you into all that He wants for you.

Much Love!

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