Mentors and Helpers

As I look back over my life, I can see that even when I didn’t know the Lord, He was watching over me.

He always placed one person in my life that was like an angel, sent to either watch over me, encourage, teach, comfort, or somehow guide me or let me know that I was loved.

Each season, that special person may have changed. Whether it was a teacher, a counselor, a friend, an authority figure, there was always one special person for that period in time.

I think this deliberately changed for each season of life, not just because my needs changed through life, but also to keep me from relying too heavily on that person or placing them in a spot where only He belonged.

So, even though most of these special people did not come to stay, I can be grateful that they were sent.

Letting go can be hard, but even in letting go, there is a blessing. All things work together for good.

Random thoughts that aren’t so random at all.

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